Welcome to This Can't Be Vegan, offshoot of the vegetarian/vegan website . This site is dedicated to showcasing 100% vegan recipe makeovers--from gourmet food to comfort food--all delicious.

Who are you?
> Shoshana. I live in LA. I love to eat and look at pretty pictures of food.

Why did you create this site, if you already have the first one?
I created This Can't Be Vegan because I wanted to expand on standard vegetarian dishes. I also wanted to expand my creativity. Almost any dish can be made vegetarian, that's easy. I aim to go a step further and make them completely plant-based, in turn benefiting my health, animals, and the environment. I'm determined to make this food taste (and look) SO good that the first thing out of your mouth will be, "This CAN'T be vegan!"

So what's the difference between the sites?
> The main goal of This Can't Be Vegan is to veganize the vast wealth of delicious-sounding recipes in the world (well, available on the web). There is always a link back to the original recipe, but those featured here are 100% vegan.
> focuses on both vegetarian and vegan food, where the featured recipes are made as-is from their respective publications and reviewed. Consider it your recipe guinea pig site, along with product reviews and restaurant reviews.

Enjoy, and happy eating!